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"Utervision Company Japan"

 ウータビジョン カンパニー ジャパン




Since its launch in 2011, the company has been presenting its work in and outside Japan. (Japan, France and Great Britain) 6 artists are now the member of the company : Erina Saji (director), Moe Shoji(production manager), Mari Mogi (painter) , Eri Tomoi (Actress) Masao Miki (Dance Artist) and  Yutaka Ota(Musician). Other collaborative members include Asako Kuboshima, Kaoru Hata, Chikako Shibasaki and Ayano Matsumura.


The name ‘Utervision’ is coined from uter (derived from Latin ’usterus’ for womb)and vision.

It represents our ambition to be a group which encompasses all branches of art and keep producing new experience for the audience. Our primary approach in producing a piece is performance, and we strive to speak to people all over the world through our work of art.

Since 2012, the company has embraced figure theatre and established their new style by combining puppetry with the physical expressions. The company continues to explore and create new works. Along with creating theatrical artworks, we also run a creative workshop, Tane no Atorie since 2013. In this workshop, we aim at spreading the joy of creative processes to a diverse range of people, regardless of their age and profession. President of Utervision, Erina Saji  also shares the methods to communicate through puppets to the participants of APEX (ASEAN Puppet Exchange) from ASEAN countries, such as Brunei, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia and Thailand.  




Festival D’avignon “Festival D’avignon comes to a close after shedding spotlights on Chinese and Japanese artists.”

China's National Public Broadcasting Network

(SOHU 網・中国価値網・貿易之窓網・融合網・卓創資信・彿山旅行)

Recorded an interview for Radio Kyoto

The theme song of utou has been used in the Recovery Campaign of the Great East Japan Earthquake 2013 in Avignon

Filmed an interview for the Setagaya Teku Teku TV Posted the footage of the performance on Video Co., Ldt


Le Petit Roi Ango/ Sakura

Filmed an interview for Video Co., Ldt

Utervision Company Japan

TV “Moyamoya Sammers”