Erina Saji / 佐次えりな(さじ)

Utervision Company 代表・actress・director・puppetier



Utervision Company Japan Director

Npo法人 種のアトリエ代表理事


蜷川幸雄の舞台を中心に俳優活動を重ねた後、芸術集団「Utervision Company Japan」を設立し、日・仏・英を中心に海外で作品を発表。


チェコ国立芸術アカデミーDAMU講師沢則行に人形デザインを教わる。Sandglass Theaterで舞台芸術および人形操作をEric Bossに師事。


2013年より、創作ワークショップ「種のアトリエ」をスタートし、経験を問わず、あらゆる年齢の参加者を対象に創作の楽しみを伝える。2015年にこの活動を法人化し、「NPO法人 種のアトリエ」設立。

2015年からAPEX (ASEAN Puppet Exchange) に参加し、ASEAN諸国のアーティストと共同創作活動をスタート。



台湾のYulin Festivalに招聘され「Momo」の上演、また、ハノイのVietnam National Puppetry Theaterに招聘され、新作を発表。



Erina Saji


Born in Tokyo, Nationality: Japan  

Director, Actor, Puppeteer.

Actor, Director

The Artistic Director of Performance Company “Utervision Company Japan”

The Representative Director of a Specified Non-profit Organisation, TANE no ATORIE


Erina began to direct films when she was a college student in Tokyo Visual Arts (Department of Films). She also appeared in films, magazines and commercials from the age of fifteen. Later, she started her career as a performer under the acclaimed theater director, the late Yukio Ninagawa.

In 2011, she established an artistic group, Utervision Company Japan, in which she has created performances using physical expressions. She has presented her works in Japan and beyond, including France and the UK. In 2012, she established a new style of performance by combining puppetry work with physical performance. Along with creating theatrical artworks, she also runs a creative workshop, Tane no Atorie since 2013. The aim of this workshop is to deliver the joy of creative processes to a diverse range of people, regardless of their age and profession. She also shares the methods of communication through puppets with the participants of APEX (ASEAN Puppet Exchange) from ASEAN countries, such as Brunei, Myanmar, Malaysia and Thailand.  Erina studied the Stanislavsky System under the Russian Meritorious Artist, Leonid Anisimov. She also studied puppet design under Noriyuki Sawa, who teaches at DAMU (Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) and studied animating puppets under Eric Boss the director of Sandglass Theater in the US.








2015年 いいだ人形劇フェスタ、いしかわ舞台芸術祭に招聘される

「Ango/ Sakura」

2015年 Avignon演劇祭OFFプロデューサー・劇場に推薦を受ける

“The Wardrobe ~She is Gone~”

Thailand World Harmony Puppet World Festival 2016に招聘される

2016年 TOpic(Tolosa Puppet International Center)に、パペットを寄贈する

2017年 Yulin International Puppet Theatre Festival に「モモ」が、招聘される


2017年 雲林人形博物館に、パペットを寄贈する





平成29年度第2回 国際交流基金アジアセンター 助成・アジアフェローシップ


 Invitation work and Founding


"My Own Criminology; A Story of Adam and Eve"

Recommended by the Iida Puppet Festa 2015

Official Selection of Ishikawa Theatre Festival 2015

"Ango / Sakura"

Received an invitation from the theatre to perform at the Festival OFF Davignon 2015

The Wardrobe ~She is Gone~

Official Selection of  Yulin International Puppet Theatre Festival 2016

Donate a puppet to TOpic (Tolosa Puppet International Center) in 2016

Official Selection of THE ASEAN PUPPET FESTIVAL HANOI 2017

Donate a puppet to Yulin Puppet Museum in 2017


Official Selection of Thailand World Harmony Puppet World Festival 2016

Cultural promotion fund support of Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 2016-2017

Child dream fund support 2016-2017

Cultural promotion fund support of Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 2017-2018

Child dream fund support 2017-2018

JAPAN FOUNDATIOON The Asia Center Fellowship 2017